Perl Programs by .doc

Here are some programs stored as .doc files. To run them as Perl programs, open in a word processor and  save as a .txt file. Then rename as .pl file to execute with the Perl interpreter.

This WordPress facility cannot store .pl Perl files here, so this .doc Word format must be hacked into .pl format. The .pl files are powerful programs that grab your CPU by the horns to accomplish active tasks that threaten the CPU Overlords’ hegemony in Redmond. That is why they fear Perl and all its files, banishing them from this infrastructure. But YOU, the brave, the energetic, can overcome this hurdle. You can transform the milk-toast .doc file into a bit flipping Tasmanian Devil!

This first file is called compare2files.doc and it has 14 kilobytes.


After the save as .txt action is taken, it has 2 kilobytes as compare2files.txt , which is then renamed. Renaming it is done in the file manager called Windows Explorer. Use the right mouse button on the file called compare2files.txt . This will offer the rename tool. Change .txt to .pl

The Windows Explorer can be opened by pushing 2 keys simultaneously: FLAG e.

FLAG is the key near the bottom left of many keyboards with the Microsoft Windows Icon that looks like a wavy flag.


# May 23, 2011 Alan Folmsbee, Connecticut
# blogspot uses  &#73728 decimal or &#x for hex format 
# for Cuneiform
# more spaces between words and letters
# letter range 0x12000 to 0x1236e
# two number ranges 0x12400 to 0x12462 and 0x12470 to 0x12473
use strict;
use warnings;
my $code_out = "C:/export/PopCryMag/perl/cuneiform_11.txt";
open(GREEK, ">$code_out") or die "Can't open $code_out: $!";
my $k;
my $j;
for ($k=0x12000; $k<0x1226e; $k++)
    $j = 0x12000 + int(rand(0x36e));
    print GREEK "\&\#"."$j"." ";
close (GREEK);

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